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First Birthday of My Blog

Thank you all for reading my blog texts during the last year. Here I post again the first five interviews of this blog. 
12 July 2021

Kinkster Portrait
“I like feeling like a sightless, soundless, motionless thing”

Bondageboyblake talks about tight bondage, he explains why he loves it and gives an insight into his kink journey 
26 June 2021

Kinkster Portrait
“Freedom, fun, enthusiasm, strength, disconnection from the routine and relaxation”

In this interview Lex talks about his passion for rubber, heavy rubber, diving suits and about early kinky experiences 
13 June 2021

Kinkster Portrait
“Serious, completely stuck, can’t get out, level of bondage”

In this interview Boundtight85 explains, what he likes about bondage, he talks about great sessions and early kinky experiences 
6 June 2021

Kinkster Portrait
“I’m obsessed with gear”

In this interview GearMedic talks about his passion for gear, his favourite noise and sight during a session, and about his best kink experiences 
26 May 2021

Kinkster whiteout talks about the first piece of fetish clothing, magazine- and illustration-heroes, and social and cultural situation for early fetishists
1 April 2021

Kinkster Portrait
“It’s the ultimate way of relaxing for me, because my mind goes blank the instant the cell door locks”

Read in this interview about plastic_spork‘s experiences of being in a cell for several days as part of a kink play, and of how he’s built an own cell in his flat
13 March 2021

Kink Life Aspect
Social or Unsocial Media?
A Kinkster’s Perspective

Social competition, a pressure to present oneself, few real social contacts and just little substantial communication. This text is about what it means for kinksters to be in social media (also as audio 🎧)
03 March 2021

Kink Play “Shibari”
“Tying is touching, this means interacting with someone’s body for hours”

In our interview Lycraandropes talks about different Shibari styles and aspects, as well as their cultural origins; he talks about what he personally likes about Shibari and how he interacts with rope models
07 February 2021

Kink Culture
“Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather”

SM, fetish, trans-, and homosexuality in song lyrics and a banana as a symbolic penis on its cover: this text is about kink topics in music by the example of the band “The Velvet Underground”; it’s about the liberating role, this band and its singer Lou Reed played in this topic (also as audio 🎧) 
24 January 2021

Kink Play “Mummification”
“Nothing makes me hornier than a taped guy’s face with helpless eyes while he moans”

In our interview Safeandbound talks about how mummification works, different play types and after care. This text also contains “basic facts” on mummification play
11 January 2021

Kinkster Portrait
Taking and giving up control, freedom in bonds, and rope work between aesthetic, sensation and excitement

In our double-interview I talked to rigger Matteo and rope model Matt about interaction between rigger and rope model and the aesthecial and sexual dimension of rope bondage (Shibari)
09 December 2020

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