Interview with kinkster Rubberfenix

“Fetish makes me feel free, even if I am tied up, or completely in trance”

Published on 31 August 2020

© Rubberfenix

Hello Felix, nice to have you for this interview. What does Fetish mean to you?
Fetish is a way to discover your true self, not only sexually but as a person as well. For me fetishes made me discover who I truly am. How dominant, and how submissive I am. How deep can I go into the subspace. Fetish also makes me feel free, even if I am tied up, or completely in trance makes me feel free from all the other problems I have in my daily life. I can just let myself go and become a drone or an animal.
Also practicing fetishes with my boyfriend or other playmates makes me feel more connected to them, makes me want to take care of them, and have fun and pleasure together. It is something that sometimes casual sex doesn´t provide.
I feel being myself, but also being in this fetish scene gets rid of so many stigmas I have. That my family and society has imposed on me. Those now I understand are complete bull shit.

Can you describe situations and how you felt, when you discovered your fetish for the first time?
I remember the first time wearing a rubber t-shirt. I got into JT STOCKROOM in Los Angeles, I was very shy, and nervous. I got in and started looking all the rubber they had. I couldn´t get my eyes out of those pieces of rubber. A guy came close to me and asked if I wanted to try it out. I got an immediate boner that I had to hide. I said yes. The guy told me how to put some talcum powder and how to get in.
When I had it on; my eyes shone so bright. I couldn´t stop touching the t-shirt. Although I wanted to touch me everywhere else. I knew it had to be mine. So I couldn’t buy it that day, but I saved like two weeks and then get it as soon as possible. And oh god it opened my eyes to a new world.
But I already knew I liked latex, but the first time I played with a Dom, and he started doing cbt, I thought I would not like it, but oh man. My body told me otherwise. My body was in full bliss, my dick was so hard. And the Dom made me cum while also hitting my balls. It is so intense when you discover a new fetish this way, because you let yourself go into places you never went, and that is why I say you feel free.

How is the relation of your fetish to your sexuality?
In some way I cannot say I live my fetish everyday, I am not a 24/7 slave or wear rubber all the time. However it is a very important part of myself. I am one of the producers of the Mr. Rubber Mexico, along with producing some bdsm and fetish workshops all year long. Also I am constantly assisting to other events not made by us but other fetish groups. Also I try to post content on my social media almost every day. So in some way I do live my fetish every week. Sometimes people think I am wearing rubber all the time. And even if it sounds sexy, it´s not possible. Also I do not need rubber or other fetish to have sex, sex is sex and it is very enjoyable in the most vanilla way.

© Rubberfenix

What kind of conflicts did or do you have, during your journey through your fetish discovery?
I cannot say it was a problem, but many Doms wanted me to be their only slave, and what I wanted when discovering my fetish was to try everything. And actually not many Doms can do everything. Usually they have expertise in bondage, or electro, or hypnosis, but it is very rare the Dom who knows it all. So for me it was better to try with many Doms, rather to just stay with one. And if you are beginning in this fetish journey, don´t stick with one Dom. Try as many things as possible with the people who knows how to do it. Maybe then stick with one you enjoy the most. But sometimes I have met slaves or subs who have just tried one thing and can´t try other stuff because number one: the Dom doesn´t know how to do it and number two: some Doms want exclusivity.
And it is ok to want exclusive subs, but you must certainly know that it is the Dom you want to stick for many years or the rest of your life.
One problem I had, not during my fetish discovery, but building a community in Mexico was the toxic and jealous folks, who doesn´t want a community or believe they are the “kings of that fetish” and you need to “ask permission” to them. Which in that case, nobody owns anything, and you can do whatever you want.
However, I did had some trouble with those kinds of people, because they only want to bring things down. And it sometimes became a struggle. But keep your head up, your values firm and you will succeed.
And kick those people out.

Can you please describe, how the situation is in Mexico for gay kinky people?
México is growing up in the kink scene. A lot!
However we need to grow more. In Mexico City, it only exists one leather bar. Which is an amazing place for us. It is the TOM´S LEATHER BAR. If you come to Mexico City you should definitely go.
There is a bear bar which does one in a while fetish events. Called NICHOS Bears & Bar – and they were the first who opened us the door in doing fetish events. We will always be grateful with them. They have great DJs and great events.
Then there are tons of cruising places and spas to enjoy your sexuality.
Then socially speaking, Mexico City is one of the most open places to be gay and kinky. However you need to know where to do this. Not everywhere in Mexico City is gay friendly. So wearing leather would be considered ¨masculine¨ and then it would not be seen as bad. Rubber is ok as well, people doesn´t even understand is a fetish so you can walk normally except they will look you as a gothic freak. However it is not very well seen to be wearing high heels or be dressed in a more ¨feminine¨ way. There is still a lot of machismo, even in the lgbt+ culture, but also in general. So actually it would be more dangerous to be dressed as a woman, than to be wearing rubber or leather.
Now speaking of the fetish community, it is nowadays being in someway reborn, and new guys are getting interested every day. So we need to educate all of them. But the good thing is they have lots of energy and want to be part of the community. It´s full of young guys, who want to learn the kinks.

© Rubberfenix

How is the infrastructure (of bars, clubs, institutions for help) for gay kinky people in Mexico?
We need more leather bars, and clubs in all Mexico. Not only in Mexico City. We need to start getting rid of that machismo culture. And Prep for preventing HIV needs to become a norm. We are not having prep for anyone who wants it but we are working on it. Institutions for help are also growing but we need to give them more support. We still are struggling with having marriage equality in some states, lgbt adoption among other issues. But we will keep fighting for all of that.

You’re one of the producer of “Mr. Rubber Mexico“. Can you please characterize, what it’s all about?
So Mr. Rubber Mexico has two sections, one is the actual contest, held around the first week of October, this year we will not have due to Covid-19. The contest is made to elect a Mr. Rubber Mexico title holder. Which is considered an ambassador of the rubber community in Mexico. The titleholder is in charge to attract new guys into the rubber community. And also make new events, and maybe go and compete at MIR. It is not a nobility title, but it comes with many responsibilities.
The event has interviews, a fantasy scene, a speaking in public section.
We are not really that focused in of the winner has lots of rubber or how long they have been in the scene, but rather how much they want to help grow the community, and what they have been doing to do so and that they want to do in the future.
And also Mr. Rubber Mexico serves as our community page and brand. It is where we want to show the world that Latinos and Mexicans are kinky and know how to have fun too. We are used to see the white tall, muscular guy wearing rubber, but we need to show that there are many other shapes, colors, sizes that fit everybody. And that everybody is welcome.

Can you please describe the most beautiful experience concerning your fetish you had so far?
It definitely has to be one of the first times my boyfriend put me into trance. I think we played for at least five or six hours. He tied me up like 9 times in different ways. He put me in such a submissive trance state. I was in full rubber, and we also played anally and, I was in such a deep trance that when I was finally able to cum. I had a weird vision of two crystal doors, one red, one blue opening, and feeling such a state of bliss, ecstatic, almost divine orgasm. I came like I never did before. When the orgasm was over. I started crying. My boyfriend stopped thinking I was suffering, but I told him I was crying because it was so intense, that my body had such a rush of adrenaline and that I just cried uncontrollably. It was like floating, and so many other things.
I can only describe it in this way but it was so immense the amount of sensations that its better to say its indescribably, there are no words.

© Rubberfenix

What are your plans concerning your fetish for the future?
So many projects, this is just a teaser, but I am planning to release a song and a music video about rubber and fetish. This was supposed to be released this year bur probably it is going to be until next year. Also I am finishing a movie script about sort of my journey into the fetish scene. And trying to tell the audience how amazing the fetish scene is.
I will keep producing Mr. Rubber Mexico. Next year it would be our 5th year doing events. Although because of Covid it would the 4th contest.
I want to start making a rubber pool party here in Mexico. We need one and I think it would be awesome to have this.
And I want to keep building my social media, and if there is the case and people are interested I would love to make my fetish my job and create content for patron or only fans, I don’t know yet.

Felix, thanks for this interview!

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(Interviewer: Michael)

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