Interview with kinkster Prince.Rubber

“Fetish causes me to feel a connection to a person or thing and feeling nothing but passion for it”

Published on 25 October 2020

© Prince.Rubber

Hello Prince, nice to have you here for this interview. You sometimes wear rubber in public. Can you describe how it feels to you when you do that?
Hmm it’s like one massive adrenalin rush. I get it just from looking back on the pictures and remember how I was feeling at the time. I’m usually quite nervous I start getting geared up. But once I convince myself I’m doing something I have to see it through.
As I step out into the street, knowing I’ve left the comfort of my own dwelling, I instantly feel a boost of confidence. In my head I know that all eyes will be on me. However, I use this to my advantage. Instead of feeling shame for having people see me in gear, I force myself to feel pride.
I think our worst fears often hold us back from doing the things we’d love to do. I understand many fetishists are worried about exposing themselves in public wearing gear. The main thing to remember is – it’s just clothes. I’ve also luckily only had positive interactions when I’ve been out and about in rubber gear.
People ask to take pictures or think you’re a superhero. It can be quite enlightening and always refills my faith in humanity.

Many people know pics of you in full rubber suits. Can you describe what your fetish personally means to you?
I always struggle a bit when asked what fetish means for me personally. Mainly I find it difficult to separate my fetish life and personal life at the moment. (Apart from work and family duties which are always fetish-free zones.)
When I began fetish, it was something I hid away in my bedroom and didn’t practice in front of people. This lasted for about 2 years of sneaking around while I had this secret kinky life online. After deciding to move to a new country/city with a thriving fetish scene – I ended up breaking out of the “fetish in the bedroom” lifestyle. I came to live with some fellow kinksters and explore this life of having fetish around me 24/7.
So to answer your question – about what fetish means for me. I guess I’d have to say I see it very much as a fuel or battery that keeps charging up this wonderful journey I find myself on. Since coming out of the fetish closet, I’ve managed to meet so many amazing people and experience some fantastic things.
I think fetish causes me to feel a connection to a person or thing and feeling nothing but passion for it. I mean the fetishization of something revolves around having an excessive and irrational commitment to something. I’m a person who hates the mundane. So to surround myself with people and things that are filled with passion and intensity – that’s really exciting.
I’m always endlessly thankful that I’ve journeyed down this road. Sometimes I feel without fetish there to guide me I’d feel extremely lost in this world. With so many problems worldwide right now, I find myself confused by it all. Ironically, fetish is something that does make sense to me.

© Prince.Rubber

Which different fetishes do you have?
This list is ever growing. I think when I started my main fetish was tight rubber and brainwashing. I slowly introduced more heavier BDSM fetishes like e-stim, milking, sensory deprivation, humiliation, inflatables, M/S dynamics, roleplay and TPE. Through gritted teeth, I’ve also tried new fetishes which I thought I’d hate, such as, ABDL, pup play and sissification – but ended up loving them.
My motto in life is always try something twice. Hell even three or four times. My first few pup play scenes weren’t that great. But I kept with it and ended up loving it. Never say never (except for a limit).

On your pictures you almost every time wear a mask. When you wear a mask, do you hide your face because it should disappear behind that mask or does that mask become your face?
I think it’s a mixture of feeling about it. On one hand it’s protection of identity but also I feel it’s a lot more erotic when something is anonymous. I would have to agree and say the mask becomes the face – especially with the likes of a dog hood or gas mask. I love seeing how just adding something like that can really transform something. This transformation is something I’m really turned on and interested by.
I have taken lots of pictures of my face over the years but have decided not to publish them anywhere. I think personally I enjoy photography where a face isn’t included. Like I described about my first exposure to fetish – the thing which interested me was the anonymity of the mask. Stripping away identity to be replaced with no emotion.

© Prince.Rubber

Can you remember situations when you discovered your fetish for the first time?
Well I was quite young – about thirteen. I had already discovered what masturbation was. I don’t think I really knew it was a sexual thing. I just did it because it felt good. When watching some TV show featuring people in hazmat suits I was immediately drawn in. I could see the way their identity was taken away and their face was replaced with a reflective lens. Their body was one solid colour with a shiny surface and tight fitting to their bodies. I understand now why I like it, however, at the time I think I was so confused and a little frightened about what I had discovered.
Fast forward a year or two and I was definitely certain that I wasn’t the same as everyone else. After getting access to the internet, I went straight to hazmat training videos and inflatable shiny suits. For so long I felt guilt, shame and loneliness surrounding this thing I didn’t understand. It just took 10 more years for me to realise I wasn’t alone. And this peculiar arousal would actually be the start of my journey to become who I am today.

When you think back, how did you as a person change over the years while living out your fetish?
I think the main word to use would be confidence. When I started in fetish I was pretty much the quiet in the corner guy. I hadn’t much experience with gay guys too so of course I was quite intimidated. Through constant research (and nights of masturbation) over the internet – I found I actually learned quite a lot when it came time for me to start going to fetish events and meeting people.
My confidence boost certainly came when I started posting content online and received amazing support. I found as I put more life into Prince, characteristics of Prince would help me in my daily life. I started to feel more confident about my body, my sexuality and myself as a whole.
I no longer felt as much as an outcast. I actually started to be glad that I’ve ended up on this exciting journey to an unknown destination. It certainly beats a life of being a boring straight guy.

© Prince.Rubber

There are so many different ways kinksters describe their connection between fetish and sexuality. How is the relation of your fetish to your sexuality?
Another question I sometimes struggle with. I think there are multiple avenues to discover fetish. Some get involved later in life through a partner or find out after coming out as gay. I discovered fetish about five years before I came out as a gay male. So as a result, I find it hard to separate them as I’ve only ever known a combination of the two.
If I was to put it down on paper I would say; “I’m a gay kinkster”. For me, the two go part and parcel together. (Not to say this might be the case for everyone).
In my opinion the gay world and the fetish world were born together. I find as the LGBT (specifically GAY) community is changing and becoming more widely accepted – this is forcing a wedge between the LGBT and fetish communities. Obviously this is all really good progress.
Just as an observation – I think we as kinksters know more what it’s like to identify with those of the LGBT community back in the 1960s than many today who live in countries where it’s accepted.
While we hide away underground in dungeons and clubs or go for secret meetings or lead this double life. These are the same experiences the LGBT community would go through during the 1960s – 90s . So when the debate of fetish belonging at Pride arises. I always try and keep these thoughts in my mind.

Prince, thanks for this interview!

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