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Interview with kinkster plastic_spork

“It’s the ultimate way of relaxing for me, because my mind goes blank the instant the cell door locks”

Published on 13 March 2021

Hello Brian, thanks for taking part in this interview. You’ve experienced a time of several days spending in a cell. Can you please describe how your interest in this all started?
To answer this question, I have to go back a bit. In January 2019, I was sitting in a restaurant on a Friday night and, for some reason, I was Googling “jail experiences.” I wound up coming across an old jail in the middle of nowhere that was being run as a prison role-play. I was super-intrigued and really wanted to go.
It may not seem like it, but I’m a very shy person and I usually avoid new or uncomfortable social situations. Despite that, somehow, I got up the courage to book it! I’m still surprised I did. I planned to go in May and I was so excited about it. I told one of my close friends beforehand and she asked me if I was nervous. I said that I really wasn’t, which was surprising, except for one thing. I was a little concerned about how the initial interaction would go. What should I do when I get there? Knock on the door and say, “Hi, I’m here to be arrested?” I just felt like that was going to be really uncomfortable.
Anyway, when I got there the man who runs the jail came out and arrested me at my car! It was done perfectly and it took any of the potential awkwardness out of the picture.

How have you felt during that time, what flashed through your mind?
Beforehand, I thought that I was going to spend my time in solitude thinking about major decisions and contemplating life! However, I realized over my three days in the jail that I really thought about nothing. Noting but the present moment.
In some ways, it’s the ultimate way of relaxing for me because my mind goes blank and all of the stresses of everyday life and any problems seem to fade away the instant the cell door locks. The smaller and darker the cell, the better.
There’s something psychological here with giving up control. I feel like I try to juggle so many things every day and when I’m in the cell, there’s nothing I have to do and nothing is in my control. I only have to do as I’m told. I don’t have to think for myself, I don’t have to worry about anything.
That’s something that I love the most about being in my own cell at home as well. It gives me a chance to escape and to totally give up control.
I was lucky because I met two people during my stay at the jail who are in very similar situations as me. Aside from kink, we also seemed to have so much else in common. Our situations as far as relationships, kinks, and the journey that led us to all be in the same place that weekend were all very similar. I can say that I made one of my closest friends that weekend.
Before that, I had nobody to talk to about my kinky pursuits. Nobody to bounce ideas off of, and nobody who really understood what was going on inside my head. But, although that may have been the reason we met and initially become friends, there are so many non-kink reasons that we’ve become so close.

How has your interest in being arrested as part of a kink play developed after that?
After my stay in the jail, I decided that I really wanted to embrace my kinks and start to explore them more! I wanted to make up for lost time and to try the things that I really like.
There’s just one catch… I’m in a long term relationship, married, and not looking to have sex with anyone other than him. So, my conundrum is finding a way to explore kink without crossing that line.
The first thing I did was to build a jail cell in my bedroom closet. I found a real jail cell door for sale on Facebook Marketplace and then drove 2.5 hours (each way) to go pick it up! I got a great deal on it. I didn’t realize at the time just how great of a deal it was. I paid $500 – and since then I’ve seen people selling similar items for $2,000+!
The surprise was that the thing weighs about 700lbs. Getting it up the stairs and into place was a challenge. Once we had gotten it inside, I had to devise a track system to support it and a locking mechanism. I love doing DIY projects, so this was a way to get creative and build something amazing.
In the 1.5 years since the cell was built, I had spent a few nights inside – but mostly shorter 2-3 hour sentences.
Since being collared just under two months ago, I have been pushed by my Owner to spend more and more time in the cell. We started with 24 hours periods but most recently I spent 48 hours inside. Although I’m in the US and he’s in the UK, I made several upgrades to the cell to allow for remote control of the door lock and live camera monitoring. We also have a video doorbell for two-way communication. He can even control the light which means it’s very hard to figure out what time of day it is or how long I’ve been in the cell!
For the most part, and perhaps surprisingly, I feel like the time seems to go pretty quickly while I’m locked up. I sleep really well in there, and I wake up feeling great! There are some times when I start to feel a little despair, but then that feeling fades into relaxation.
I think the biggest obstacle to spending so much consecutive time in the cell is the responsibilities waiting for me outside in the real world. It’s just not practical to spend so much time in there because, despite how it may feel, there actually are things I need to be doing outside. Friends are texting me and it’s weird, and out of character, that I haven’t answered them in days. Of course, I do have some time to use my phone from time to time – but the problem with that is that as hard as I try, I always see the time, and that takes some of the fun out of it for me!
To sum it up in a few sentences, the feeling of spending multiple days in the cell is great. It lets me decompress and relax in a way that I couldn’t imagine doing any other way. From time to time, there are periods where you feel a little despair, but that’s all part of the excitement. I wish I could spend more time consecutively, but life gets in the way!

So when you’re in a cell for a longer time, there are no times of boredom, what makes you wanting out, or any times of panicking?
I’ve never had any panic feelings, but I guess there are some boring times. I just kinda relax and sometimes I fall asleep on and off. That’s one of the things that makes you lose track of the time of day, also. I also can pace around, or do sit ups to pass the time.

Can you describe situations in your early years and how you felt, when you discovered your fetishes and kinks for the first time?
I’ve actually thought about this one quite a lot over the past few years. When I was in High School (maybe 14 or 15 years old) I remember searching the internet for photos of “guys in cages.” I honestly don’t know what made me think I would get results, but I just had this desire to be in a cage and thought maybe I’d find something. I didn’t know why I wanted this, and I had never seen anything like it before, but just knew that I wanted it.
The thing is, at the time Instagram or Twitter weren’t created yet. Tumblr had yet to come into existence. So I was left with some really rough websites with crappy pictures!
I bookmarked the page that I had found and I would check back in from time to time when my mind would come back to kinky thoughts. At the time, I think I tried to repress my feelings to some extent. I knew this was something I liked, I knew this was something that really interested me, but I also felt like it was something weird – something I shouldn’t be doing. I think that’s a recurring theme because even though I became more comfortable with my kinks in the following years, I would go through periods of checking my Tumblr and then month-long spans of not thinking about it at all.
It was really after my visit to the jail that I finally made a conscious decision to embrace that part of myself completely and really explore this side of myself.

What does having fetishes and kinks generally mean to you?
This is a tough question because kink is as much a part of me as any other personality trait. I think that’s sometimes hard to explain to people who aren’t kinky because they think it’s just something sexually charged. Of course there’s some sexual component to it but it’s really so much more than that. I think that for me it’s really about the feeling of giving up control and seeing how someone else can push my limits, having rules to follow, the feeling of being owned. It just feels right.

You say, you have an owner. Can you please describe how your ownership looks like?
Well, this is relatively new to me but it’s really fucking amazing. I was lucky enough to start up a conversation back in October with a guy from the UK. This January, he ordered me to lock the collar around my neck. I did, and then the keys were locked in a security box which I do not have the combination to.
Having that lack of control, knowing that I can’t just take it off if I feel like it, and knowing that he has control over it, feels absolutely amazing.
At first, I was a little concerned with how I was going to deal with the collar when I’m around people who aren’t kinky. I was kinda shy about going into a store with it on. I’m happy to say I got over that pretty quickly – not worried about what a random strange might think. However, I am still a little concerned about my family & friends. Right now it’s easy enough to hide with a hoodie during the winter, but what am I going to say when summer comes and I go in the pool with a chain locked around my neck?
I also find myself tugging on it every now and then and I’m reminded of my role.
The first month went by so quickly and, in the beginning, it felt weird wearing a chain around my neck 24/7. Now it feels like it’s always been there. It’s become a part of me and it’s a great feeling. I love waking up in the morning and being reminded, again, of my place.
In addition to the collar, as I mentioned before, he can control the cell remotely and keeps me in there for long periods of time. I have an exercise regimen to follow each day and also have to check in at least once every day. He has some plans for chastity in the near future, and I’m definitely excited for it.
As I said, it’s new, but I like the training and it’s going really well so far! I’m excited to see where it goes.

Which conflicts did or do you have during your journey through your fetish discovery?
I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had many conflicts. The only ones I had initially were internal conflicts about my fetishes and I’m so happy that I decided to really explore them. I’ve had so many great experiences so far and I’m looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me in the future.
The only other thing is trying to navigate being in a relationship with someone who isn’t into kink. He’s been amazingly supportive and understanding, but at the same time, I know he just doesn’t understand what it feels like and means to me. Even though we’ve been together for many years, and he’s known about my kinky side since shortly after we first met, I think we’re still working on finding the right balance of kink and vanilla in our relationship and I really do appreciate the love and support he’s given me throughout all of this. That, and being able to talk to him about anything, has made me comfortable being myself.

What do you want to experience next in the kink scene?
One of the things I am most excited about for the future is going to kinky events! As I mentioned before, I started to get really engaged and more outgoing with everything around the end of 2019. There are a few kinky events in Europe that I would love to attend. Of course, just as I was looking forward to all of that, Covid19 shut down those prospects! So, as soon as the pandemic calms down and those events can safely take place again, I’m really excited to go! It will be the first time I go out publicly in gear and I feel like that’s going to make me a little nervous, but I’m excited to get over my fears and meet some cool kinky people!

Brian, thanks for this interview

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