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Interview with kinkster GearMedic

“I am obsessed with gear”

Published on 26 May 2021

© GearMedic

Hello GearMedic, what does fetish and kink mean to you? Can you describe what kind of effects it has on you, how do you feel, when you live out your fetishes and kinks?
Fetish to me IS sex. Quite simply, sex is rarely complete without some element of fetish; and my primary fetish is gear. All types of gear: leather, rubber, neoprene, sports, puffer, scally, shoes, etc. When I was much younger, and new to the community, I was masturbating to men being gagged long before anything that was considered vanilla. My fetishes make me crazy and energetic. For example, I can cum basically whenever I need to, but I am typically not horny after the orgasm. When I am in a fetish scene, and I have a boy bound in many layers of my gear, I can orgasm 3-5 times without trying. My husband and I have invested in a play space in our basement, so naturally either, or both, of us can live out our fetish scenes whenever time and company allow.

Can you describe situations and how you felt, when you discovered your fetish for the first time?
I was 16 or 17 years old when I discovered gay bondage and I was a frequent visitor to websites like and But, my true memorable moment, the point in which I knew there was no turning back, was when I made an in person visit to Mr. S Leather in Los Angeles, CA. I still remember the overwhelming smell of new leather. I remember saving up to purchase my first piece of gear from there; it was a two-inch leather collar with D-rings. I still have it today- it just turned 16 years old! By now you must realize that I am obsessed with gear, probably more so than guys. Meaning, I would have more fun in a room full of gear alone than I would in an empty room with an extremely attractive guy.

What kind of conflicts did, or do you have during your journey through your fetish discovery?
I would say the biggest conflict I had to overcome on my kink journey is hard to talk about, but it shouldn’t be because many guys, and ladies, will have a similar issue. That conflict is acceptance. And I am not referring to a “coming out” acceptance. I am referring to an intrapersonal acceptance. There is a substantial amount of shame that comes with being a homosexual, (depending on where and when you were raised) and a similar amount of shame that comes with being kinky. When you combine the two, the shame is unbearable at times. Overcoming that shame and being proud to be a kinky-homosexual-male was my biggest conflict. I can attribute my self-acceptance success to many good friends and great mentors I met along the way.

© GearMedic

Does your fetish take place, apart from the sexual level, in your every-day-life?
To some degree, yes! Though I do draw a line at sex in public, I do incorporate an element of gear in my everyday routine. For example, I naturally will work out at the gym in full spandex underarmour, for no other reason than to stay horny the entire time. On occasion, that underarmour, and jockstrap, was previously worn by a jock friend; and not yet cleaned. Face masks are particularly hot as well, so recent events have made everyday tasks interesting.

Please describe one of your hottest experiences concerning fetish you had so far?
One of the many hot experiences I have had was when I was a young dom. I guess this is a good time to explain that I am mostly dominant but enjoy a good sub-session now and again. I think I was about 23 years old, and I had recently discovered latex, or rubber. I had a few catsuits, hoods and other basic bondage items by this point. A local active-duty US Marine was looking to have some rubber fun. He had always been interested but had never tried it. He was Bi and enjoy male-to-male sex. Equal to his curiosity of rubber was mine for military gear and military men. After meeting for a drink, we went back to his place and he stripped. Since we were about the same size, I put on his military BDUs and boots. I put on everything he took off, including his warm jock strap. *drool* 

Now was his turn, I lubed up the latex and started to assist him in it. Just after halfway up his torso, he spasmed into an orgasm. He had enjoyed the feel so much, he blew a load in the suit. He wasn’t even fully geared yet! I was instantly disappointed because he had cum too quickly. Then, he looked at me, and with a smirk, he begged for me to not to stop and to keep going. I went from 0 to 100 mph from that point. Approximately five hours later, he came six times, and I came three. We cuddled all night as neither of us had the energy to clean up and part ways. Though we never did play again due to distance and him relocating, a few years after that night, he discharged from active duty and I traded that same latex catsuit for lots of his military gear. Such a fun time and I have his gear to remember it.

© GearMedic

Whats your favorite kinky session noise?
Though I am more connected with sight and smell, I do have one noise that will make me throb: a well gagged boy. It is not always the classic “mmmmmppppphhhh”, but often times it’s the subtle heavy swallow when they realize the combination of two things: (1) the gag is real, effective, and they are unable to make any significant sound and (2) they realize the bondage is equally real and they are “fucked.” Additionally, when a boy is made to wear a gag that makes him drool, I appreciate the light sounds of slurping as they attempt to control their oral secretions.

Please describe a fantasy you have of what you want still to experience in the area of kink play.
One of my unchecked boxes is a scene that includes a visiting boy who would enjoy subtle public humiliation. I do enjoy boys that visit from afar, and host them a few times a year, but I still seek a boy who would allow me to force him into “public,” subtle gear. For example, heading out on hike with a full catsuit under his clothes, or a gag under his face mask or scarf. I do know many boys who have this fantasy, but when they find me enforcing it, they retract consent (which I recognize firmly) and we move to play further in the private space.

GearMedic, thanks for this interview!

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(Interviewer: Michael)

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