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“Freedom, fun, enthusiasm, strength, disconnection from the routine and relaxation”

Published on 13 June 2021

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Hello Lex, what does fetish and kink mean to you?
For me, fetish is quite ambiguous, it means: freedom, fun, enthusiasm, strength, disconnection from the routine and relaxation. A side lifestyle, but perfectly compatible with everyday life.

What kinds of fetishes and kinks do you have?
Latex, breath control, Scuba Gear, gas masks, sensory deprivation… and so many other things that would like to try. I might add that it’s normal to have a handful of limits, but I’m open to try new things.

Can you describe situations and how you felt, when you discovered your fetish for the first time?
I discovered it at a young age, it was something that I didn’t understand at the time why it made me feel strangely pleasant. It all started with a pair of rubber boots and a PVC raincoat, at that time I thought that something was not alright with me, since I was feeling pleasure while wearing something that most people wear to protect themselves from the rain. So I tried to think that it was silly, and didn’t care much about it, but this kind of things can’t be repressed. Little by little I began discovering more stuff related to this feeling, watching tv series for example, until I started meeting people with the same or similar fantasies, therefore I no longer felt strange or alone. And the day finally comes when you buy your first catsuit and have your first experience, after that a new world opens up to you that, in my case at first gave me fear, a fear that took me time to understood it was irrational, once you open up, accept yourself, and enjoy every moment, every second and good company, you are the one of the happiest person on earth.

© Lex136

Can you describe what kind of effects it has on you, and how do you feel, when you live out your fetish?
It makes me feel complete, euphoric, happy and at ease with myself. I feel that all the problems around me suddenly disappear, it is a moment in which I’m able to be myself and nothing else matters. Amazing sensations that make you discover yourself every time.

What do you like about heavy rubber, rubber diving suits and diving masks?
I believe that the aesthetics play a main role in this type of gear, because for me it looks very nice. Now I can start mentioning key factors that drives me crazy, such as the material itself, the smell, the weight and the overall idea of being encapsulated in that heavy thick suit. For example, my favourite diving mask is the AGA Divator, it was my platonic for as long as I can remember, I love the aesthetics and the materials used to manufacture it. When it comes to sensations, the sound that it emits when the oxygen tank is connected is simply amazing. And when the tank is disconnected, it’s heavy breathing time! , The mask will hug and press against your face when you cut the airflow. I can say the same about my S10, which was in fact the genesis, thanks to her I was able to experience the feelings of using gas masks, and start growing my mask collection. A collection that in my opinion will never end. I think that the biggest problem for a fetishist is the closet space, since it always tends to decrease haha. The rubber catsuit: I enjoy to feel it like a second skin, noticing each touch and gentle caress, is one of the most pleasant sensations that I have been able to experience. When it comes to heavy rubber: I like it to be comfy, a suit that weighs, but not too much, to notice that it is a thick rubber, as is the case of the Viking diving suit, it makes me feel that I am encapsulated in there behind that zipper, and that feeling of being locked up, as if I won’t be able to get out for a while. I simply love it.

© Lex136

How is the relation of your fetish to your sexuality?
Perfectly compatible, I live my sexuality just as fully as the fetish, it can be described as a point where I reach happiness.

What kind of conflicts did or do you have, during your journey through your fetish discovery?
Conflicts? recently I told my mother and friends, they all accepted me without telling me anything other than: “if you are happy and you like it, go ahead, you are not hurting anyone, and we will be here to support you, nothing changed. Now you are showing the true colors by showing yourself as you are. Luckily I have all the support of the people that are important to me. I guess we can call conflict the idea of telling this to my father, maybe in the future I will tell him, I’m not afraid to say who I am, or what I like.

© Lex136

Describe one of your hottest experiences concerning fetish you had so far?
Ufff, one of the hottest was when my partner visited me, then tied me to the bed, I was wearing a Viking drysuit, my Divator connected to the oxygen tank, a Studio Gum mask, rubber mittens. I was at his mercy, it was a dream come true, to feel the noise of my own breathing while he played with me. One word to define this sessions: Incredible.

Whats your favourite kinky session noise?
I would say breathing, I like to listen to every moment, acceleration, intensity … etc. Even more if it’s using a tank. Likewise I enjoy every second of that moment of heavy breathing, alongside with the moanings.

Lex, thanks for this interview!

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