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Interview with kinkster Bondageboyblake

“I like feeling like a sightless, soundless, motionless thing”

Published on 26 June 2021

© Bondageboyblake

Hello Blake thanks for having you here for this interview. What does fetish and kink mean to you? Can you describe what kind of effects it has on you, how do you feel, when you live out your fetishes and kinks?
I’m a pretty anxious guy, and I get overwhelmed by sights and sounds pretty easily, so for me being in heavy, sensory deprivation type bondage represents a relief, of sorts. It’s the only time where I can actually feel calm, and can slow down and find some kind of peace. When I go into bondage, it’s like something in my brain turns off, and I become instantly relaxed. I think a lot of my interest in bondage has been driven by that need for peace.
On the other hand, when I get to follow someone’s orders as a houseboy or something, I feel this sense of freedom from my aching non-stop stream of thoughts. Someone else is doing the thinking for me, and I can just do the simple tasks I’ve been given. It’s a different kind of relief from actually being bound. It’s led me to take service very seriously when given the opportunity. I finally feel like I belong somewhere, and I do everything I can to show appreciation for it. It’s a headspace that is very sentimental and special to me.

© Bondageboyblake

Can you describe situations and how you felt, when you discovered your fetishes and kinks for the first time?
Some of my earliest memories are from when I was about three years old. I used to wrap myself in blankets as tightly as I could and would just lay there. Something about the warmth, and the pressure all around me was super compelling. But the moment when I realized it was a fetish, I would have been around fourteen. I had a lot of little strips of fabric and rope that I’d use to tie myself up sometimes, and one night I hog-tied myself on the bathroom floor. I struggled a lot and got super worked up, and suddenly I had this thought that I should piss on the floor and how fun it would be to struggle around on the ground in that mess, like some kind of pig. And after I did that, I thought “I should try jerking off and adding that into it.” Unfortunately for me, that was my first time masturbating, and I did not know that as soon as I finished, I would lose interest. Cleaning up that mess was not as fun as making it.

© Bondageboyblake

On your pics one can see you like bondage. Can you describe what you like about it? Can you tell us how you feel when you’re in a bondage situation?
I like feeling like a sightless, soundless, motionless thing. The less I can move, the happier I am, and the more I can relax and drift off. I can’t quite express how much better it feels to me than the sights and sounds of everyday life. It’s like most of my life is just killing time until the next chance I get to go back to that space and feel like myself again. It’s honestly pretty far from my sexual interests. I consider myself largely asexual, because I only want to engage in sexual contact very rarely. And even then, I’ve never had a vanilla sexual experience. On the other hand, I have never been in a mood where I didn’t want to be restrained in some way. In summary, the way I feel in a bondage situation is “correct”. I’m finally myself again.

What kind of conflicts did or do you have during your journey through your fetish discovery?
The first one was attaching my image to my interests. For the first two years of my bondage “journey”, I would refuse to post pictures of my face. I had a very similar moment of fright when I started performing in bondage videos for Serious Male Bondage and Men in Chains. The struggle came from a fear that it would in some way ruin my social life or future if someone I knew found out. But at the same time, bondage is such a big part of my life, even ignoring the sexual parts of my experience. At a certain point, I think I realized that I was hiding a lot of who I was from the world out of fear or shame. When the time came to move from Tumblr to Twitter, I decided: I was going to attach my face to the things I am proud of, and not worry if people noticed. It’s such a big part of who I am that I think it’s become an inseparable part of my identity. And I want more people to feel comfortable with who they are, so I should start with me. Nowadays, everyone knows what I do. All my friends and even my family. Once, some people in my college found my Twitter account. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected.

© Bondageboyblake

Please describe one of your hottest experiences concerning fetish you had so far?
This is a hard question to answer, but mostly because I’ve had so many favorites that it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to one thing! Any time I get to try something new and unusual is always a highlight for me, and they all make their way to my head when asked this. Chain sleep sack, chain mail strait jacket, sleeping in a concrete pit in the ground and the super heavy rubber suits are all prime examples.

But I think the hottest thing I have ever done would have to be the first time I spent 10 full hours in a straitjacket. I was pretty young then, and pretty new to bondage. And as a beginner, spending that long in something was quite unfathomable to me. I remember being fed dinner by the Dom I was staying with, and I remember him inviting his friends over that night, while I was still tied up. They all played video games and I could only sit and watch. I’ve definitely done more exciting and intense things since then, but I think that day will always stand out to me, just for how intense it felt at the time. I consider it my first taste of long term bondage, and I always smile when the pictures come up.

What’s your favourite kinky session noise?
A lock clicking shut, plain and simple. Alternatively, being called a “good gimp” is very impactful on me, psychologically speaking.

© Bondageboyblake

Please describe a fantasy you have of what you want still to experience in the area of kink play
I’ve kind of hit a point where I’ve lived every major fantasy I’ve ever had, including playing with several of the people I used to fan over. But in the long term, I’d like to earn a collar from someone, someday. The desire to feel like I belong is so strong that it’s something I actively fantasize about.
On a kinkier note, I’ve been having chats with some friends about being buried alive, from the neck down. That’d definitely check off all my boxes, and I’d certainly be stuck there for a good long time. There are few other ways I can think of to become perfectly immobilized, and perhaps that’s been my goal from the beginning. It’s bound to happen soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Blake, thanks for this interview!

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