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First Birthday of My Blog!

Published on 12 July 2021

One year ago I’ve started this blog. I want to thank all of you, who read my texts and shared and liked them in the social media.

A special thank goes to all persons, who were interviewed on this blog. Whitout you, all of this won’t have been possible.

An extra special thank goes to those persons, who agreed to an interview at the beginning, when the blog was new and unknown. Here I want to post the five interviews again, so you can give them a read. 🙂

Kink Art
“With the portraits of others that I paint, I also enjoy the connection, the feeling of community and the giving aspect.”

I talked to Rubberex about what it means to him doing kinky art, where he gets his inspiration from and who his role models are 

Kinkster Portrait
“No shame, no judgement, no regrets”

I talked to Marcbound about strict bondage, early kinky experiences and favourite session noises

Kink Art
The goal is always: ‘being yourself‘”

In our interview Sonny explains what he thinks an interesting picture looks like and why he loves leather in photo sessions

Kinkster Portrait
“When I get to gear up and become the gimp, it is a freeing experience”

In our interview Gimpskinfag talked about what being a gimp means, pain in sessions and early kinky experiences

Kinkster Portrait
“For me fetish is much more than sex”

Dan talks about fetish in everyday life, the difference between fetish and sex, and his feelings while being in bondage

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Kinkster Portrait
“I’m obsessed
with gear”

In this interview GearMedic talks about his passion for gear, his favourite noise and sight during a session, and about his best kink experiences 


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Kinkster Portrait
“No shame, no judgement, no regrets.”

I talked to Marcbound about strict bondage, early kinky experiences and favourite session noises


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Kinkster Portrait
“Serious, completely stuck, can’t get out, level of bondage”

In this interview Boundtight85 explains, what he likes about bondage, he talks about great sessions and early kinky experiences


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Kink Culture
Kink in mainstream movies and series

Skin tight full suits, kidnapping, shackles in prison; kinksters see more than others do in those scenes: this text is about how characters are shown in mainstream movies and series, which can be seen as kinky
(auch auf Deutsch 🇩🇪)


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